Colonial carriage

Experience Living History at Blackberry Farm

Love museums? Looking for a fun, inexpensive way to get out of the house and maybe learn something new in the process? Blackberry Farm is the destination for you! Located just twenty minutes from 500 Station Blvd, it boasts rides, attractions, concessions, and shopping. Amidst all of that is a fun but educational recreation of […]

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Crowd of people walking on a street, focus on couple.

Fun Upcoming Events in Aurora

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, which means summer events in Aurora are in full swing.  From free concerts and food trucks to local vendors and the arts, Aurora has something for everyone. Events are located within 15 minutes of 500 Station Blvd, so it’s time to mark your calendar for some summertime fun!   […]

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Mother and daughter are eating pork ribs in a Barbecue in Aurora restaurant with hands

Enjoy The Tastiest Barbecue in Aurora

Have a hankering for tasty barbecue? Lucky for you, the Aurora area is home to a variety of restaurants, including those that serve mouthwatering barbecue. Here is where you can enjoy some of the best barbecue in Aurora: Pub 56 Pub 56 is an upscale sports bar known for its gourmet food offerings. It features friendly […]

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